About us


The San Diego Quakes Baseball Club is a premier baseball club with teams in the city of San Diego and North County. The club was founded with the core principles that every player should not only be taught the correct baseball skills, but each of these young men be coached with strong principles and morals. The primary goal of the Quakes is to combine real life experiences from the staff and train these young men to become great citizens and future leaders. Our program is based on taking personal responsibility, exhibiting honesty, always being accountable, and respecting work ethic and sacrifice. No matter the skill level of the each player we will work tirelessly to reach their individual athletic potential. Together as coaches and parents our goal is to successfully mentor and coach these young men the sweet science of baseball. A game we all love so very very much.

The main attributes we look for in our players are the qualities of good young men. It is my personal goal to take this journey with you, and together build and develop these young players to further their career not only in baseball but in life.